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The Future of Agile Talent (Online)

23. februar 2021
kl. 14.00 - 16.00  

The Freelance Revolution, Covid, and the Future of Agile Talent

Today’s demands for our organizations to become more flexible, willing to change and agile are largely matched by the employees’ need for meaningful work. Therefore, organizations are drastically changing the ways they secure their talent. Alternative to hiring full time employees, organizations are now hiring more and more freelancers and other outside experts to meet their strategic talent needs.

Jon Younger - Agile Talent - NOCA

As we are reorganizing our companies and workforces by using more external talent, and shifting because of Covid to greater acceptance of remote work, we also experience new and different challenges that we need to solve. Because how do the internal employees feel about the external talent? Do they feel threatened and therefor worried about the future of their jobs? How can we create a positive collaboration?

External talent has issues too, often bemoaning the slow, complex, and bureaucratic way organizations work. So how do we find the most effective techniques in engaging, motivating and building these agile teams?

The speaker:

Join us at this NOCA event, where we have the pleasure of presenting our key-note speaker Jon Younger, who coauthored the book “Agile Talent: How to Source and Manage Outside Experts”.

Jon will lead a participative session on how companies are capitalizing on the freelancing revolution and creating more flexible, blended workforces, managing the transformation to a more open talent environment, and effectively sourcing and managing outside experts . More specifically Jon will focus on:

  • Why the freelance revolution, and why now? 
  • What’s the impact for Danish companies and companies around the world?
  • How to start: What are the six key challenges that organizations must address when sourcing external talent?
  • How can managers build flexile, blended teams and reinforce trust between employees and freelancers?
  • What does the future hold for the freelancing revolution?  What’s starting, stopping, and changing?

So, join us at this event, and learn more about effective ways to leverage external talent while also maintaining a strong culture.

Jon Younger - NOCAJon Younger is a founding partner of the Agile Talent Collaborative and partner emeritus of the RBL Group.  As a writer, he has co-authored five books including the book ‘Agile Talent’ (Harvard, 2016) and written about the “freelance revolution” for Forbes, HBR and other publications. As an educator, he teaches talent strategy and strategic change leadership in the executive education faculty of the University of Michigan and the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. Jon’s PhD is from the University of Toronto. Jon has also worked extensively in Denmark, including work with Maersk, Velux, Novo Nordisk, Falck, and other companies, and has been a guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.

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