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Navigating the Connection of AI, Work Design, and Human Values

Now, more than ever, we stand at a critical crossroad in organizational evolution, with generative AI emerging as a golden opportunity. It is imperative for HR to step into a strategic partnership, guiding the ethical implementation of AI while ensuring the enduring dominance of human voices. The technosocial reality might be well motivated by advances in efficiency and productivity. But what happens to the well-being and engagement of our employees when we implement AI?

Watch the video from this webinar, where Louise Harder Fischer, Associate Professor at the IT-university shared her knowledge on this subject. We delved into the following topics:

  • Work Design in the Digital Era: Explore why work design is more crucial than ever in our digital world and how it goes beyond upskilling to adapt to new technologies.
  • Technosocial Perspective: Delve into the apparent technosocial reality, understanding the ontological reversal and its consequences on economic objectives and humanistic values.
  • Practical case: Louise will share knowledge from organizations that have implemented or are currently implementing AI.
  • Ethical Implementation: The current scenario demands a cautious approach to implementing AI, what are some of the ethical considerations we need to make to ensure that we still make humans the central voice in organizations and focus on their well-being in the process.
  • Human-Centric AI: As algorithms claim more agency, HR must act urgently to ensure a balance between economic objectives and humanistic values, preventing the misappropriation of human ideals in the face of technosocial dominance.


Louise Harder Fischer, Associate Professor, IT University

Louise possesses a Ph.D. in Information Systems and serves as a member of the Executive Board for the International Special Interest Group, “Changing the Nature of Work with ICT.” Additionally, she leads the working group “Futures of Work and Wellbeing” at the Center for Digital Welfare at ITU and holds an appointment to the Council of SMV:Digital. Her current research focuses on sociotechnical challenges and transformations in work settings and workplaces, particularly in response to the emergence of generative technologies and the paradigm of hybrid work.


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