Global HR Forum is a new network in NOCA. The focus of this group is on the global HR challenges – or rather the added complexity of handling HR challenges in a global context. All meetings are in English as we will like to see many none Danish HR professionals join this group as well as Danish. Come and join this network and influence the agenda to serve your interests.

Velux, 9 March 2015
Global Mindset – in theory and practise

Arla, 22 May 2014
A new paradigm for diversity management

IDA, 3 December 2013
Global Competences & Cultural Intelligence

In December 2013 the group met at IDA to discuss the need of global competences and cultural intelligence in a globalized world. Lotte Ellegaard, head of the global team at IDA, was the host of the day, and she introduced us to their work. Engineers need global competence and to be culturally intelligent, which is why IDA has a great focus on globalization in their 2020 vision. They have entered a co-operation with Living Institute, to work on global issues, practical as well as cultural, for their engineering members. In 2012-2013 IDA has had a theme year called “Global Cooperation”, where they among other things have created three very helpful videos on how to increase your global skillset. At the meeting we saw a part of the videos, and some of the attendants praised the videos and told that they are already using them in their own organization. We highly recommend that you watch the videos:
Welcome to Denmark
Farvel Danmark – Hello World
Working Multinational
Klaus from Living Institute discussed Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and called attention to the importance of culture. Globalization does not mean that we are all becoming more alike, but that we are going to work more closely together in spite of our differences. Culture is not a soft topic, but something that has a large impact on business. Many managers work worse when they have to work on an international, multinational scale, which is why it is important to focus on global competences. At the meeting we were introduced to tools that can measure current state of CQ, which can strengthen one’s competitive advantage if strengthened. Klaus also introduced us to “the twelve commandments” to strengthen CQ. At the end of the meeting the group had had some great discussions on cultural intelligence, the importance of it, and who they believed are responsible for making sure that people are culturally intelligent, employers or the universities.

Mannaz – 16 September 2013
The group met at Mannaz for a very interesting meeting concerning trends in global leadership development. We discussed that it means to have a global mindset and why it matters so such. We looked into trends in global leadership development and how HR must help to prepare leaders for the future and develop their global competencies. The participants got inspired by each other and the presentations by Mannaz.

Aarhus University – 11 June 2013
At the group’s third meeting we met at Aarhus University for a very interesting day. The theme of the day was “Global Strategy Implementation through Organization Design”. Cases from Aarhus University and Shell were presented and discussed in plenary discussions. This meeting was a perfect example of how well NOCAs theme group meetings can build bridge and increase dialogue between researchers and HR professionals.

Rockwool International – 9 April 2013
Tuesday April 9th 2013 the group met at Rockwool International. The theme of the day was “Performance Management – a Global Challenge” and the hosts, Kristine Stace and Johan Bayer, shared their experiences and challenges with Performance Management with us.

Many companies work with Performance Management to a certain degree. Therefore there are probably as many approaches to the work, as there are companies, as company cultures and national cultures have to be taken into account when focusing on performance.

Coloplast – 25 October 2012
The Global HR Forum’s first meeting was hosted by Coloplast where Alison Egeberg shared an interesting case about Coloplast’s global HR challenges. Developing and growing their business in various emerging markets, (China, Middle East North Africa (MENA), Brazil, Russia, different and often complex challenges arise that Coloplast (and possibly other predominantly European/ North American-centric organizations) are unaccustomed to, and at times, unprepared to address. The challenges in regard to attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent in such emerging markets were also discussed at the meeting.

In this first meeting we also had a very constructive and energized dialogue about the future of The Global HR Forum. On the basis of feedback received before this meeting we have already invited to the next two meetings and from the dialogue at the meeting there are plenty of themes and issues to discuss at future meetings.

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