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Incentive Pay: How rewards can drive innovation (Online)

04. maj 2021
kl. 13.30 - 16.00  

Innovation is the life blood of company success in an increasingly competitive world. Developing new ideas that a company can turn into a profitable product or service is never easy. Bringing a product or service to market faster and cheaper requires continuous innovation that only highly committed employees can deliver. So how do we create an organization which ensures that the good ideas come forward? At this NOCA event you will get insight into international research focusing on incentive pay as an enabler for innovation.

Incentive pay - NOCAJoin us for this NOCA-event, where you will meet Dr. Dow Scott, an American professor of Human Resources from Loyola University, Chicago. Dr. Scott will lead the talk on how companies can reward its employees for innovation and what methods to use to give employees incentive to be innovative.


Some of the points that Dr. Scott will cover:

  • What reward programs have proven be to particularly effective in promoting innovation?
  • How does a company successfully implement these programs and build an innovation driven culture?
  • What should organizations focus on in the future in order to encourage innovation?

Dr. Kenneth Dow Scott - NOCADr. Kenneth Dow Scott, Ph.D., is a professor of human resources at Loyola University, Chicago, and president of Performance Development International Inc. Scott is nationally recognized as a thought leader in compensation and HR program evaluation. He has more than 100 publications and his current research focuses on rewards and human resources programs that drive innovation, productivity improvement and fairness. 

Before following an academic career, Scott held several HR positions at B.F. Goodrich Co. He obtained his master’s degree and Ph.D. from the School of Human Resources and Employment Relations at Michigan State University.

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