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Integrating International Talents Successfully! (Online)

06. oktober 2022
kl. 09.00 - 10.15  CET

The Great Attrition is over us; Employees are resigning and companies are finding it difficult to attract and retain the talent needed in their organizations. 

For this reason it is important for organizations to look at the possibilities for hiring migrants as they provide an additional talent pool for organizations. To fully leverage the knowledge and skills of this specific talent pool you need the right HR strategies. But what are the right strategies and practices to create high commitment and performance among this international workforce? 

Talents - NOCA

At this NOCA meeting, you will meet Nicole Ritcher, who will dive into her research around migrant talents. She was nominated as a finalist for The HR-researcher Award 2022 (@Cranet – and HR-conference cohosted by NOCA every year), where the jury described the study as “incredibly important, well designed, and with increasing importance especially for Danish organizations and HR professionals.” Her research provides actionable recommendations for HR practices that foster adjustment, commitment, and job performance for migrant talents. 

Nicole will dive deeper into the following HR-practices: 

  • Investing in employees (e.g., training, mentoring)
  • Proving engaging work (e.g., fairness)
  • Positive environment (e.g. diversity management)
  • Voice
  • Organizational Support (e.g., with legal paperwork)

Nicole has, with a team of researchers, studied the international workforce in various organizations in 12 different countries and currently the study is looking at Denmark – and they are starting to see interesting results that Nicole will be able to share at this event.

If you missed it check out Nicoles contribution at The HR-Researcher Award 2022 here!


Nicole Richter - NOCA

Dr. Habil. Nicole Franziska Richter is an Associate Professor of International Business at the University of Southern Denmark.

Richter received her PhD (on Internationalization and Firm Performance) from University of Hamburg in 2009 and was awarded with the ‘Wolfgang-Ritter’-Award for excellent research in 2013. She received her habilitation (state doctorate) on Determinants of Success in International Business from TU Hamburg in 2015. Prior to joining SDU in 2017, she held a Professorship of International Management at Nordakademie Graduate School in the Northern part of Germany.

Richter’s research focuses on strategic and international management with a special emphasis on cross-cultural aspects. Current research projects involve: research on the successful integration of migrants into the workplace and society, and research on cross-cultural competences and performance outcomes. Furthermore, she is the Danish country co-investigator of the project GLOBE 2020.

Read more about Diversity and Inclusion or Talent Management.

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